Someone on one of my email lists thoughtfully sent this very amusing piece of spam.

——– Original Message ——–
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2006 00:17:17 +1100
From: Australian Citizens

please sent this message all Australian people

hi ! We are citizens of Australia .We are sending you some of our requests.With this request we ask your help to young people from another countries. We beleive Australia badly needs young and intelligent people. the population of Australia are now getting older.number of its citizens doesn’t increase in last 7 years. since 1999 its population stays around 20 million. 60 percent of its citizens are now older then 50 YEARS OLD. the remaining 40 percent by great majority are dependant of drugs and stupefiants. To many amount of the youth uses DRUGS, HEROIN or COCAIN

Presently Australian’s youth are in a oindestroyed situation.if this trend continues, all Australian’s youth will be compleatly lost. the remaining 60 percent of OLD PEOPLE will get older and disappear with in 20 years. Amount of Australian’s young girls don’t want to give birth in future.the majority of Australian’s young men shows HOMOSEXUAL tendancies, this mean Australia can’t increase its population by means of its own young generation ..

Australia Area: : 7,686,850 sq km (large country) , Population only:20,090,437 (July 2005 est.)Madian age : 47 (old people country)

What will be future of AUSTRALIA ?

Who will work in Australia ? Who will represent Australia in future.
according to us, specially foreign youth will help greatly to Australia. before Australia was receiving immigrants from Europe. now EUROPEAN s population get older and Australia can’t get any young people from EUROPE. Eurepean states don’t want to loose their young generations any more. even some of the European young people are dependent of drugs and European girls don’t want to give birth any more. majority of young males are homosexual..

……The peoples of other countries generally are carrying communicable diseases. for exemple, people coming from African Countries bring with them those communicable diseases. . . . .

But another countries young people are very healthy , no one of them use drugs and young girls want to give birth babies. Young males stricly are not homosexuals. According to us foreign youth will be of great help to Australia. Australia needs urgently young people from another countries.

Please help another countries young people during their immigration application to Australia. We beleive foreign young people will be of great help to Australia.

Respectfully Yours,

Citizens of Australia.

The obvious questions are:

– which segment of concerned citizens wrote this heartfelt patriotic wake-up-call? Obviously, they are not from Europe or Africa.

– Is this a hoax and is it all the work of someone who’s seen too much Ali G and/or the Chaser?

– If it isnt a hoax, where is this fantastic source of fresh young immigrants? Can one place advance orders on the internet? If so, are there photographs and bulk discounts?

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