for perhaps the first time ever, i found a worthwhile self-help article in boss magazine in the AFR.

it was a bit of a spruik for Dr Seligman and it was about authentic happiness (and incidentally his books and his website http://www.authentichappiness.org).

He talked about there being three kinds of happiness. I cant quite remember the actual terms he used but he split happiness into transitory hedonistic happiness, engagement happiness and value fulfilment. Engagement happiness being the kind of feeling you get when you’re focussed on what you’re doing and time passes quickly. Value fulfilment being the idea that what you’re doing is worthwhile.

Ok, it’s all quite broadbrush and as in much of these kind of theories which try to break the complexity of human emotion into measurable dimensions, i think it’s too general and too specific at the same time.

Still, it’s pretty true that i’m living for hedonistic happiness at the moment. Going to parties, drinking beer with friends, dancing, swimming, going on dates, reading comics (my concentration span is that of a gnat – brightly coloured picture books of people in tights is about all i can take) that kind of thing. That’s pretty much my life outside of work – going from one passing pleasure to another.

at work, i’m pretty much disengaged and unmotivated by its objectives. This has been happening for awhile and i’ve been thinking of jumping ship and getting a new job at intermitent periods for the last year and a half or so. Something that even if it does not give me the impression i;m making a difference would at least pass work time quicker and exercise some of my abilities. I am still waiting for something to fall in my lap as looking for a new job all seems a little difficult.

Anyway, if I wont / cant budge at work, then I need a project outside of work. this again is nothing new. There is the house renovation project of course. But there’s a fair amount of negative connotations going on with it that will likely take a year to dissipate, so I’m not going to move on that either. Which leaves the dreaded halfabandoned blocked for the last three years novel.

I am going to have to take up pen again (or keyboard rather).

Must. Break. Block. ONLY. WAY.

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