ok, i’m looking to buy a car.

i’ve only ever owned one car in my life – an old 1984 nissan pulsar. it was small, it had a 1.4 litre engine. it didnt have much power at all but it sure was economical.

i’m now thinking of getting a 4wd subaru station wagon. so i can haul more stuff around when i need to and on the off chance i go off road (which is not that great to be honest), i’ve got a little more traction.

the thing is that i’ve now got a choice between a car or the overseas trip. unfortunately my finances are not at such a level that i can do both, especially if i’m thinking of taking a month off with no pay. not without wiping myself out and leaving precious little room to move anyway.

getting a car wouldnt be a bad thing. i could still go for a drive around. i havent been to alice springs, uluru and king’s canyon. these are worthwhile things to do. and i could drive it to easter confest and do the car camping thing. plus there are still a couple of festivals out there to get to. and i could sneak in a vipassana course in between as well.

so there’s the three alternatives:
– go to india for a month – mumbai to goa and then back
– go to KL, then head to Saigon and travel around vietnam for a bit
– buy a car, go to Alice Springs, go to Easter Confest (on the way back from AS), go to Vipassana

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