beyond was everything i remembered it to be and less.

the music varied from uninspiring house / trance in the front room and not much better breakbeat funk / electro in the backroom. i’d forgotten how bad dance music can be and after rainbow serpent – which had music that i didnt want to stop moving to – the contrast was even greater. but then, people dont go to beyond for the music really. it’s all about dressing up (or dressing down) in leather.

ok, so there were guys fucking in the back dance floor. and someone had thoughtfully chained their naked, blindfolded and gagged slave to a post between the two dance floors and written something like “owned but for use” on his chest. And the darkroom was full of people looking to get lucky and succeeding more often than not. but except for the human toy, it really isnt a kink scene party.

But i did bump into a number of friends and hung out with them a bit. and i did dance enough to get tired. so that was all fun.

however, the summation of the night goes to one of my friends, which went along the lines of, the music is average, the venue not much better than a club, and the crowd looks like a good collection of people from the laird with some from interstate – so the question is why did it cost $60?

a mystery indeed.

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