I went to rainbow and camped away from my usual group of rave-party friends. Instead, I set up tent with another group of people that I’ve known for some years now mainly through confest and the occasional hippy gatherings in ceres and assorted parties but never got all that close to. The way camping parties work is that you usually hang around camp until spontaneously everyone starts making moves to go somewhere and do something, and then you’re all off on that mission without a lot of planning beforehand. I didnt feel much in the groove with my new camp and was clearly away from the other so in the end, I spent much of the festival wandering around by myself and hanging out with whoever I bumped into on my travels whether this was for a dance or a chai or a chillout session on a sofa somewhere.

Now, I’m pretty used to wandering around by myself at parties and in general but this time I noticed close knits groups or couples much more. I mean, there are people who are *always* with the same person (or persons), whether with a friend or a lover, while there were others, like myself, who always appeared to be alone but generally talking or drifting from person to person. Even when partnered, I never worked on the assumption that of course, going somewhere together meant that we spent every moment together. I operated more on the principle that if we both happened to want to do the same thing, we’d do it together but otherwise, each to their own.

Anyway, observing the inseperable couples and friends made me wonder if they were inseperable because they always wanted to do the same thing or if there was a constant process of compromise or if they just liked hanging out and it didnt really matter what they were doing so long as it was together. And i felt a little sad that I’ve never really been inseperable with anyone, never happily so anyway.

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