Being single at rainbow was significantly different than being single at woodford. At woodford, it didnt take very long for me to decide that I wasnt really in any emotional position to engage in flirting. Besides, it was in queensland and anything that happened would likely have had to remain in that state and I wasnt interested in anything that casual.

At rainbow, I felt more open to possibilities and the crowd was happy and relaxed enough that flirting was quite an easy interchange for everyone and there wasnt any of the usual defensiveness that women get in straight clubs when they’ve been harrassed by drunken men all night. Which as an aside always astounds me when i go to straight clubs, the amount of sexual aggression and frustration on the floor along with the general lack of friendly and relaxed interaction.

The dance floors on rainbow was fortunately the opposite. But I found that when it actually came to talking to someone, it got a lot more difficult. Partly because many are content to leave eye contact and smiles at that, and partly because when it was apparent that the other person still maintained a level of interest, I didnt really know what was expected and would generally leave at that point saying nice talking to you.

It came to me later, at the end of the festival, that I could always have asked if they wanted to have a chai.

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