it appears that i will be heading to Beyond this saturday with one of my oldest and bestest friend. Beyond being a gay guy leather party in the city. or i should say a gay guy leather dressup party. of course, women can also attend, that is if you fancy being one of around 10 women amongst 500 or so chaps in chaps.

i’ve been before once with a group of friends. i had a reasonably ok time even if i found the whole fetish wear thing a bit hohum, mainly because most of the guys there wore the same combination of black leather pants and black body harnesses. which, face it, has only limited fashion possibilities. However, I was treated to the edifying sight of a man being fisted by two people simultaneously. And that was very impressive if a little too much like watching a vet at work. It also reminded me of the extreme body practices that yogics put themselves through.

Still everyone seemed to be having a nice time dancing. And the crowd, from memory, was reasonably friendly.

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