I’m heading to the rainbow serpent festival this thursday. It’s one of those outdoor rave festivals with camping. It’ll be going till Monday. People will be kicked out of the site on Tuesday. Seeing as I’m working on Tuesday, I’ll be getting home sometime on Monday. Hopefully not too late.

I’m in a couple of different minds about rainbow as I’ve noted in this journal. First, there’s the music. I’m not a huge fan of trance. Second, there’s the drugs component – I’m going to take very little. This means that the music may be even more unbearable.

However, there is the social component. This is pretty much one of the few festivals where the straight(ish) feral/hippies and the alternative queers I know actually go to. Of course, there are other circles that are not represented, circles that i’m either in the peripheral of (various pagan or kink or both) or which I’m quite deeply connected to but have since moved away a little (old uni friends who are now rather professional and are starting down the children family path) or which I’m only connected to on-line but have met before (australian asian academics for eg).

It struck me when I was thinking about the people I do know and the different gatherings or parties I attend that I still dont feel that I really belong in any of them. I cant point to one particular gathering and say all or even the majority of the people I am simpatico with are here – we are as one hivemind. Note that I say simpatico as opposed to close friends. Simpatico to me being a common and intuitive understanding of each other’s intellectual and emotional reactions due to shared temperament, values and education.

Not that I think this to be uncommon for the majority of us.

But it seems a pity.

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