the airconditioning in my office has died. it is hot. i am hot.

so, i’ll rant about the usage (and abuse) of the word “energy” as in:

“I dont like your energy, man.”

Ok, so this is often in reference to me when I rant about how I dont like the word “energy” to people who love using it. But that doesnt mean i’m wrong.

I mean, for fuck’s sake, why cant someone say:

“I dont like your aggressively cynical and unhealthy emotional outlook on life, your sour bastard.”

Pressed hard enough, that is actually what they mean, after all.

Why bring in all these energy crap?

I mean I would even accept the following statement:

“I dont like the way your heart chakra is a mess of swirling black clouds which look kinda poisonous, man.”

Because then, I can go away, do some research on heart chakras and maybe come up with a whole host of sarcastic but hopefully witty skeptical western materialistic arguments.

Anyway. Peace. Man. I’m off to the pool to clense some of this evil anti-energy energy away.

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