At the NSC last night, trying to unwind with a couple of beers, a conversation with a trio of women (who’d all known each other since grade 1 and were still firm friends!) revealed a couple of things to myself about my own life:

– i really really need to start working on my second novel or i’m going to end up feeling like i’ve pretty much wasted any small talent i had to start with. The problem of course is which one – the very fun hopefully will sell like hot cakes manga mecha meets gaijin high fantasy meets ian banks underlying utopic anarchism novel? Or the very serious meditation on the feelings of belonging, home, commitment and political optimism in an age of growing distrust and xenophobia?

– i really really dislike the term “social justice” – probably as much as I used to hate “chemistry” if not a bit more. One of the women there who works as a yr 11 and 12 english teacher fit, on casual conversation, the rightwing bogeyman teacher that Mr Nelson loves to paint. She was very left wing, believed entirely that social justice can be achieved by opening the minds of the younger generation, is a steadfast union member (i assume anyway) and probably encourages her students to attend rallies and write hate mail to Mr Howard. She must have said social justice about ten times in the first twenty minutes and it was all I could do to stop gritting my teeth.

I’ll defer my thoughts on “social justice” to a later entry.

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