i’ve only just caught up on a small amount of the commentary on the french riots.

first thing i noted when i read about it was the similarities with the redfern riots some time ago where an aboriginal boy died horrifically while allegedly being pursued by the police. from hazy recall, the police denied pursuing him. regardless, the young and angry in the community took to the streets.

second thing i noted was the usual chorus of multiculturalism failure explanations from the right: youth hobbled by incompatible cultural beliefs made unemployable hence their own fuckin fault if they cant get a job. besides they’re all a bunch of tokin up homeboy hoods anyways.

third thing i noted was the usual chorus of leftwing explanations vis a vis marginalised unemployed and frustrated poor venting their anger at accumulated years of injustice on the State (police) and society as a whole (cars being a proxy for some reason – probably due to easy access).

i fall squarely in the left although i’d cheerfully accept that there’re probably many in the street who are tokin up homeboy hoods anyways.

But frankly, I’m interested in the path forward.

Approach 1) Much greater police presence suitably armed and armoured constantly patrolling troubled areas with shoot to kill orders. Mandatory deportation on third strike laws (although where is a good question as many of them were actually born in France). Ban all incompatible cultural practices and religions. Tear down those estates and spread them out thin around the country side (close to the borders preferably) so they cant cause no trouble no more.

Approach 2) Fund more outreach services. Free up employment markets. Provide active listening and conflict resolution skills to your police forces. Fund and support grassroots community building and self-policing programs within the community itself. Provide better schools that have active partnerships with industry and higher education. Build housing comm flats in leafy wealthy suburbs to encourage integration with your middle classes. Provide good health services and make provide arts grants for kids to do what they want (even if it is makin third rate rap and hip hop music).

Frankly, I cant see either working all that well until the host culture, ie the french, actually start liking the arabic/african muslim people amongst them. And vice versa.

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