Here are some questions.

Is John Howard and his entire government plus the Labor opposition plus most of the law enforcement and intelligence agencies (aka JH and co) over-reacting?

Are there islamo-fascist terrorists in friendly old tolerant and accepting multi-cultural australia?

Of course, if JH and co actually do their job well and nothing gets blown up, there’s no way of knowing if they were actually over-reacting or if that islamo-fascists were actually contained.

So, it comes down to a matter of trust.

how far do you trust the state and the information it feeds the media? how far do you trust the media?

how far do you trust all individuals in the state to *not* be terrorists? how far do you trust your instincts in that way, recognising of course that they are instincts fed by personal bias and prejudice?

Finally, how far are you willing to back your trust (or lack of?) What stakes are you willing to put on the table? The reality of liberties removed or the possibilities of lifes lost?

For myself, I trust neither but I dislike islamo-facists much more.

So, may the mighty, blunt and increasingly weighty instrument of the State crush them! I willingly sacrifice my freedoms (within limit) and the freedoms of others (within limit but with more latitude) at that altar to cheer from the sidelines.

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