liberty (2)

the next round being contemplated is actually rather more interesting and chunkier.

it’s to do with detention without trial and sedition.

The sedition laws under contemplation now (and not yet passed) are especially cool.

Interestingly enough in the Criminal Code, the section called “Treason” is now to be amended to “Treason and Sedition”.

Anyway, the way I see it is that planning an unspecified terrorist act is now a crime from the first lot of amendments passed on the 3rd November. I have no real problems with that at the moment. However, the sedition amendments is moving towards making it a crime for a person to urge another person to plan an unspecified terrorist act even if the person urging it has had *nothing* to do with planning. That really is another layer removed.

Specifically, you can be imprisoned for 7 years if you are found guilty of:

– Urging the overthrow of the Constitution or Government
– Urging interference in Parliamentary elections
– Urging violence within the community
– Urging a person to assist the enemy
– Urging a person to assist those engaged in armed hostilities

Where you have specifically meant the use of force or violence in those instances above.

This is very very bad.

I dont like it.

I want to retain my freedom to blow my cool and rant about arming every citizen so that if ever the Government is taken over by some Mugabe clone, citizens can spontaneously form militia and overthrow that Mugabe style government.

But then, I also want to see Neo-Nazis calling for the white race to take up arms and push all non-whites into the ocean or the oven to be put away for 7 years (at least).


Nah, I dont like these sedition laws.

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