I have only now discovered RSS. Because I now have a wireless laptop, lying in bed on a horribly cold evening like this poking around the net has become possible.

So now I have a gmail account (because it POPs), a thunderbird email client which also does RSS.

At first look, it didnt seem much, just a mail-like interface to a website. Heck, when you click on a subject line all it does is pull up the webpage anyway. What was it doing that favourites / bookmarks on your favourite browser wasnt doing?

But as I mucked around subscribing to this and that feed, answering my email at the same time, it became quite apparent that the subject line IS the benefit, is the genius of RSS. What used to be a static bookmark is now a table of contents that updates automatically telling you how many items you havent read. And you dont even have to read most of it, you can scan through the subject lines, most of them quite well written, and only read the ones you’re interested in without having to deal with the vagaries of that particular websites layout editor.

Single interface, pure content, maximum data filtering efficiency. Unfortunately, I think my work productivity may have dropped.