Lots of interesting comments from my last entry and thanks dangerfield23 for pointing me to moodgrapher. What a great concept!

Anyway, rather than responding individually to each comment, I thought I’d post another entry with some of my other thoughts on blogs, especially with regard to possible professional consequences of blogging in the public domain.

I’d first intended my blog to be a notebook and a way of breaking out of my writer’s block. It rapidly became an op-ed column and I’ve been enjoying writing it enough that I am still writing at least a couple of entries every week.

I did think about the consequences both personal and professional of being in the public domain. But in retrospect, it was the uncontrolled nature of public domain publishing (even if my audience would be very tiny) that attracted me to blogging and which maintains my writing interest today.

However, one of things I hadnt quite taken into consideration was the friends functionality and that the content from their blogs would invariably form a refrain to my own entries. As my friends list grew, it became obvious that there would be a bit more crossover than I’d first anticipated, that in fact, as uncontrolled and anarchic self-publishing filter free is, the linking of journals through friends list made it even more so.

At that point, I thought about the convenience of the friends list function, the social affirmation trading aspects of it and weighed it against possible professional repercussions. Having given up a long time ago on ever being accepted by the mainstream corporate Australia (or indeed mainstream Australia) as one of the boys, it wasnt too difficult for me to shrug it off.

So, I continued writing and growing my friends list. There are evident disjunctions of course but I think the pseudo-collaborative mosaic that results from one’s friends list and one’s blog adds interest and depth dar more than a single blog on its own can.

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