i just pulled my best double ristretto yet. One of those coffees that makes me wish i had my camera with me. two fingers of ambrosia, one width crema, one width guiness darkness, all silky smoothness.

the second-hand commercial grade semi-atuo espresso machine at work is old and tempremental. the secret I’ve discovered is to overfill the double filter basket. So, it’s fill once as per usual, tamp down gently, then fill it again and then tamp quite a bit harder then is generally recommended.

The other trick is to run the pump out for a few seconds before. otherwise the machine hasnt had a chance to heat up enough yet. unfortunately, i still havent managed to get the water quite hot enough yet.

Alternatively, I could reduce the grind, but I’ve discovered the machine cant quite get enough pressure up for finer grinds and ends up over-extracting.

This entry is probably of no interest whatsover to anyone.