Pamela Bone in the Age today is calling for the setting of limits in multiculturalism, especially with regard to Islamic cultures, the exact nature of which are unclear except that there should be some. The only clear suggestion she does actually give is that ‘we have a right to know what is being taught in schools and mosques’. Presumably this means also that we have a right then to censure what is taught and hence thought.

Here is once again the old tune of assimilation. If we all think the same or believe in the same things then everything will be good. When framed in this form of debate then an obvious cause for all evil in society is multiculturalism.

It irks me that people like Pamela Bone who bring this up forget that there are already limits set in place. There are criminal laws, there are laws about hate speech and vilification, there are laws to counter terrorism some of which are questionable, there are a whole rafter of laws to protect people and to punish wrong doers of every sort.

It is especially disappointing that Pamela Bone and no doubt most talkback radio hosts and listeners fail to see that to jump from terrorism to an entire culture and religion is already a stretch (and one would be tempted to call it a prejudiced step) but to then jump from that to multiculturalism which affects ALL cultures in Australia is a terrible failure of rationality.

Heck, using the same logic, I can say that because of anti-abortion terrorists in America, all Christian activities in America should be rigourously controlled and what’s more, all religious freedom should then also be held suspect. Religious freedom in the sense of the freedom to have any religion at all.

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